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Recoil Reduction Technologies, LLC


Contact:          Angela Hormberg                               FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Tel:                  985-893-1947

Cell:                 850-603-0557




A RECOIL ABUSED GUN OWNER’S ANSWERED PRAYER Specializing in Recoil Reducing Products and Information

When gun enthusiast, Brian Hormberg, took his new bride shooting for the first time, he wanted to make sure that she had a fun experience so she would want to return to the range.  They had a great time but his wife left sporting a bruised shoulder and sore arm. Unfortunately, this experience is common for new shooters.


“I wanted her to love shooting because it’s something I enjoy.  She had a great time but at the end of two hours of shooting skeet, it looked like she had been punched repeatedly in the arm.  That’s when we started shopping for products to reduce recoil.  It was really difficult to find answers because the products were all over the place.”


Recoil is not just an issue for women.  Even experienced shooters are affected by recoil.  Ask any competitive shooter and they will tell you that recoil definitely affects a shooter’s ability to keep the shot on target every time.  In competitions where seconds count, recoil recovery can eat up precious time.  Every gun is susceptible to recoil, which also makes finding the products difficult.   There are different answers to recoil issues depending on your gun type: handgun, rifle or shotgun.


Brian, a twenty year Marine, decided to solve the problem by launching a one stop shop specializing in recoil reducing products.  The resulting web store,, opened in January 2008.  In addition, Brian also created a as an education, information laden venue that will showcase: products designed specifically for recoil reduction, interviews with industry experts about recoil solutions, and information to equip shooters to make educated decisions on recoil products. 


“There is so much out there, but not every product is for every gun.  The goal is to address the issue for every type of gun and every gun owner in one central place.  We have all types of products for handguns, shotguns and rifles.   Additionally, we provide a knowledge base for gun owners to make informed decisions about their specific recoil problem.”